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New dashboards keep track of vulnerable citizens' support requests during Coronavirus lockdown

Brand new Coronavirus dashboards have been developed to help GOSS Users keep track of those requiring help during the pandemic.

Shaun Jennings, 9 April 2020 10:52
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Last week we revealed two new vital digital services, which help vulnerable citizens during the Coronavirus lockdown, were added to the GOSS Community Library. In the wake of these updates we've been busy building even more services, which will be added to the GOSS Community Library very soon in order to continue helping GOSS users support their citizens and businesses during the current pandemic.


With that said, GOSS users have been making the most of the new Coronavirus services, which help local authorities identify and support vulnerable isolated individuals, plus enable individuals to volunteer their time to help. Gateshead Council in particular have been quick to react and support their community by deploying support services to their website, and have also managed to create a set of dashboards which are helping their staff keep track of the number of service requests raised by individuals using these services.


The first staff dashboard Gateshead Council have created displays the current total number of open service requests which have been created by those requiring help during the lockdown. The dashboard also enables Gateshead Council employees to determine where individuals who have opened service requests are located using Google Maps technology.

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Furthermore, Gateshead Council have also developed an additional staff dashboard which focuses on those vulnerable individuals needing help during the lockdown. This dashboard takes the information provided across all service requests raised, to build a visual representation of what Gateshead citizens require assistance with. As a result, Gateshead Council employees can then use this information to clearly see how many individuals require help with certain tasks such as food shopping, collecting prescriptions or even just having somebody to talk to over the phone.

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Lastly, the final set of staff dashboards are enabling Gateshead Council employees to keep track of how rapidly service requests are being handled. These dashboards provide a visual understanding of the status of all service requests , showcasing how many service requests are either open, closed or outstanding across a specified date range. Furthermore, these dashboards are also useful in understanding how long open service requests have remained opened for.

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"Gateshead Council have been very busy over the last 2 weeks, as the Customer Experience and Digital team have been working with the newly provisioned Coronavirus support community hubs and a range of stakeholders to deliver an end-to-end digital case management solution expanding on our existing GOSS Digital Platform technology. Initially providing an online service for residents to request and volunteer support, to more recently the development of bespoke reporting tools and dashboards to help our hubs manage service requests, providing the important insight into where and what type of services are being sought from our residents. Next up we plan to instantly send support details to a 3rd sector partner who can support us in providing vital services. We have designed services and deployed them using Agile methodologies reacting to user requirements on a daily basis, which has given us a rapid turnaround and instant feedback. Utilising existing tools and customising additional capabilities, is delivering us highly effective services during these very difficult times."

Roger Abbott, Customer Experience and Digital, Gateshead Council


With the current lockdown set to continue for a while yet, we are working hard to be able to deliver even more services to support GOSS users help their communities and business during these uncertain times. All new digital services and building blocks are available within the GOSS Community Library and accessible to GOSS users. We also would like to reiterate that users are welcome to add services and assets to the library, or even enhance existing ones to ensure the GOSS Community is helping everyone make the most of services available.

Last modified: 26 February 2024 13:44

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