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Culture at GOSS

Discover what being part of the GOSS team involves and learn what we do to make work feel less like work.

Here at GOSS, we strive to create an environment where the people around you become your friends. We value teamwork and believe collaboration will always bring better results than competition. The GOSS office is complete with facilities to hang out, play games with colleagues, and even exercise together. And for those working remotely, there's always an array of activities organised by our in-house culture team to make GOSS more than just a place we come to go to work. 


It's so nice to be trusted to get a job done and be able to use your own judgement and experience in your work. The people at GOSS are awesome, there is a really strong team bond here.

Tim Gulliver-Haynes - Documentation Manager 


Celebrating special dates

From dressing up at Halloween and cooking Shrove Tuesday pancakes in the office, to taking part in Christmas jumper competitions and the infamous GOSS Christmas party, here at GOSS we're all for celebrating any occasion we can!


Fun activities

We have a team that is dedicated to organising activities for everyone to come together and have fun. We love to break the daily routine with quizzes, video game competitions, and much more. 


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Evenings out

Getting together as a team outside of working hours is a must for us. Even more so now we are working a hybrid environment, it's never been more important to put down the keyboards and to catch-up and have some fun.


Charity fundraising 

Here at GOSS, we care about supporting our community. From company-wide projects, to employee initiatives, we are always looking for ways to raise money for local and national causes.


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Close-knit team

Being a team of 70+ employees we're a close-knit bunch so you'll have the option to attend or take part in many social activities such as parties, office fancy dress and competitions.


Cake, cake, cake...

The kitchens at the GOSS office are never short of snacks and delicious homemade treats from the team. If you're on a diet, this is not the place to come ;).

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