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Application Support

Helping you use our products


There will be times when you need some help using your GOSS products or services. Our Support Team are here with a range of tools to get you back up and running.

The GOSS Support Team aren't only expertly trained in all of our products - we also use them all day, every day, just like our community of users.

The Help Desk Team

A GOSS Support Technician is a pretty unique sort of person. Aspiring developer, network engineer in training, forms and process designer, expert trouble-shooter and tester, passionate about training and knowledge transfer and someone dedicated to excellent customer service all rolled into one! There's not much they aren't able to do.

But your support doesn't end at our help desk. Everyone at GOSS wants you to realise the full power of your site or service. That means our Support Technicians can call on the specialist knowledge of every team in the company.

The GOSS Online Support System is the primary way for you to access all of the knowledge of the team.
The GOSS iCM Help Site is your online manual for every feature of the GOSS iCM Content Management System.
Upgrades, patches and even the occasional fix can be downloaded from our resource centre.

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