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West Berkshire creating content using AI case study

Find out how West Berkshire Council embraced an innovative approach to content creation and case management using AI.

West Berkshire Creating Content Using AI Case Study Front Cover

West Berkshire Council embraced innovative AI-driven approaches to content creation and case management, acknowledging AI's evolving role in the public sector. Serving over 162,000 citizens amidst resource constraints, the Council strategically integrated AI to optimise internal processes and citizen services, tackling efficiency challenges. Leveraging GOSS Digital Platform's integration capabilities, the Council bridged AI, specifically ChatGPT Enterprise to safeguard citizen data while revolutionising operational workflows. This integration notably enhanced recruitment content automation, redaction of sensitive data, readability adjustments, and automated case management, demonstrating substantial time and cost savings. The amalgamation of GOSS and ChatGPT set a precedent, not only streamlining operations but also laying the groundwork for future digital transformations in the public sector, emphasising efficiency, security, and impactful innovation.

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