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PSPS deliver digital success case study

Discover how PSPS enhanced Lincolnshire communities through digital innovation and customer-centric services.

PSPS Deliver Digital Success Front Cover

PSPS, a local authority trading company owned by the South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, has been pivotal in providing diverse online services to over 308,000 residents across East Lindsey District Council, South Holland District Council, and Boston Borough Council since its inception in 2010. Navigating post-pandemic challenges, including heightened expectations and financial constraints, PSPS partnered with GOSS to drive a transformative 18-month journey. This collaboration led to the revamp of digital services, the creation of an assisted self-service solution, and the integration of systems across all authorities, earning PSPS the prestigious Digital Transformation Programme of the Year 2023 award. With a focus on enhancing the customer experience and future-proofing operations, PSPS, in conjunction with its partner councils, sets the stage for an innovative, data-driven organisation, paving the way for an elevated service delivery standard in the region

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We are able to surface more intelligence than ever before, allowing us to use this information to truly transform the customer experience both at the contact centre and in the back-office services. The future is bright for PSPS and our client councils.

Jackie Wright - Head of IT

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