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Digital self-service approaches and performance 2024 report

Explore the public sector's methods for digital self-service delivery and learn how they're performing in executing these initiatives.

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The GOSS Digital Self-Service in the Public Sector research initiative is the UK's largest and most comprehensive review of current practices in government organisations. As it enters its ninth year, this series of survey reports examine the existing state of digital self-service throughout the public sector and explores the anticipated advancements organisations aim to make in the years ahead.

Download the first of two reports in this research initiative - Digital Self-Service Approaches and Performance. In this report, learn how the public sector approaches digital self-service delivery and how they are performing. Discover how organisations define successful digital self-service, what approach organisation take in making digital self-service decisions, and the percentage of services currently being delivered via digital self-service. Plus, find out what digital and online objectives public sector organisations have and whether they are achieving them.


Discover in this report...

  • Public sector organisations' current digital self-service delivery and usage levels.
  • How organisations are taking a quality of quantity approach in their digital self-service delivery.
  • What the public sector defines successful digital self-service as.
  • What approaches organisations take in making digital self-service decisions.


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