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Foster with North East case study

Discover how the North East became the first region in the UK to implement a regional hub approach when it comes to the delivery of fostering services and support.

Foster with North East Case Study Front Cover

The North East revolutionised foster care support by introducing the innovative Foster with North East website, the first regional hub of its kind in the UK. Faced with a critical shortage of foster carers, the 12 local authorities, in collaboration with Together for Children Sunderland, embarked on a mission to enhance recruitment and retention efforts. With £3.3 million in funding, GOSS executed the project in three phases, culminating in the website's launch in September 2023. This user-friendly platform offers an enquiry form, crucial information for potential carers, and tools for event participation. The Foster with North East initiative eradicated misconceptions, providing unified support for prospective foster carers. The success underscored the adaptability of the GOSS system, with ongoing enhancements focusing on the social worker experience. Its impact has inspired similar initiatives across the UK, signaling a shift in fostering support nationwide.

Download this case study to discover more about the creation of the Foster with North East website, and how local authorities in the North East transformed foster care support using the GOSS Digital Platform...

Being the first region in the UK to implement a regional fostering hub approach, we are continually learning and adapting all the time and GOSS have worked with us to be flexible and responsive to our changing needs during the development and build process.

Caroline West - Project Manager
Sunderland City Council 

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