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Catch-up on culture at GOSS

Discover what fun activities the GOSS team has been up to recently and the things we do to create a thriving workplace culture.

Shaun Jennings, 10 July 2023 00:00
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At GOSS, we believe in nurturing a vibrant and engaging work culture that goes beyond the daily grind. Team building, friendly competition, and shared experiences are values at the core of what GOSS life is all about. In recent months, the GOSS team has been on a roll, participating in a variety of exciting activities that have brought us closer together. From thrilling escape room challenges to a triumphant Easter egg hunt, and even a Eurovision sweepstake, catch-up on everything that's been happening at GOSS in recent months...


Escape room challenges

Seeking adventure and a healthy dose of friendly competition, 2023 started with the GOSSlings taking part in a thrilling escape room challenge at Escapism Plymouth. Dividing themselves into two teams to conquer the challenges presented by 'The Missing' and 'Legacy' rooms, both teams raced against the clock to be the first team to complete their room with the fewest account of clues used. Whilst the 'Legacy' room team, finished their room first, there is still a disagreement as to how many clues they used and not surprisingly both teams believe they are the winners!

Encouraged by the success of the first escape room evening, the GOSS team decided to do it all again, this time at Escape Plymouth. This time around even more GOSSlings joined in, forming three teams and taking part in the 'Arcade', 'Bank Heist', and '221B Baker Street' rooms. Again, would you believe it, everybody was convinced their team was the fastest. Another great night for all who came along.

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Pancake day

Our culture is not just about adventure and competition, it's also about embracing traditions and simple pleasures. This year, an all-employee meeting coincided with our annual Pancake Day tradition and provided the perfect opportunity to come together and enjoy some delicious treats. Amidst friendly debates about the best pancake toppings, lemon and sugar emerged as the clear winner. Plus, in a display of remarkable pancake-eating prowess, Product Owner, Adam Easterbrook claimed victory in the pancake-eating competition, leaving no challengers in his wake!


Office Easter-egg hunt

In a triumphant comeback, the infamous GOSS Office Easter Egg Hunt returned this April for the first time in three years. The office was buzzing with excitement as a number of mini-Easter eggs were hidden throughout the building, each adorned with a raffle ticket relating to an even greater Easter prize. As the hunt commenced it quickly turned into a thrilling competition reminiscent of the Hunger Games. GOSSlings searched high and low through corridors, meeting rooms, and desks, eager to find the most coveted chocolate treasures. It was a great day for all, although we may have indulged in a little too much chocolate!

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As the United Kingdom played host to Eurovision this year, we couldn't resist the temptation to add some extra excitement to the event. As per usual the team at GOSS organised a Eurovision sweepstake, however, this time we held a Eurovision-themed buffet in the office, with employees contributing dishes representing their respective Eurovision countries. Adding to the festive spirit, some team members went all out, dressing up in the colours of their chosen country's flag, whilst some such as our Technical Team Lead, Luke Taylor, went all out in traditional Serbian dress!

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