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Fenland, the FSA, and Cardiff launch new services and websites

Find out what recent digital and online projects these GOSS clients have been working on.

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Fenland Trinity

Fenland District Council launch new Fenland for Business subsite

Fenland District Council has recently launched a brand new subsite aimed at helping promote business within the Fenland area. The Fenland for Business website will help serve the 3,400+ Fenland businesses, helping to provide essential advice and information for business stakeholders on how to successfully grow and/or start up a new business. The long-term objective is to help businesses in Fenland thrive and stimulate the local economy. 

Previously, the Fenland for Business website was managed by a separate content management system outside of Fenland's existing GOSS Digital Platform. As a result, the team at Fenland were constrained by the capabilities of this previous system, but more importantly, lacked flexibility and integration by having this subsite hosted on the GOSS Digital Platform, where their main Fenland Council website is also hosted. With the help of the GOSS Creative Team, the Fenland for Business website was redesigned and the navigation was restructured for easier exploration of the site's content. Using the GOSS Chill Theme, the tile-based UI of this theme has enabled the site to bring focus to key information businesses in Fenland need to be aware of and help improve the overall user experience. Previously, there was a significant lack of aesthetical and creative flexibility with the website's former content management system, with the site now hosted on the GOSS Digital Platform Fenland can easily style the site by changing CSS files and using metadata tags.   

Looking to the future, the team at Fenland are readying their other externally managed subsites, which they eventually plan to move across to their GOSS Digital Platform. Once completed it will help bring increased internal efficiency to Fenland District Council by having their entire web presence managed in one easy-to-use platform. 


FSA Trinity

Food Standards Agency deliver improved vineyard and winery registration service

The Foods Standards Agency have recently decided to expand their investment in GOSS Case Management to deliver a range of new and enhanced services. In particular, the FSA have recently launched a digital solution for vineyard and winery registration using GOSS Case Management, which is helping to deliver internal efficiencies, data accuracy and integrity, and provide an easier and more accessible interface for customers.

Previously, the FSA's vineyard and winery registration solution was a non-digital process, requiring those registering their vineyard or winery to complete and submit PDFs. By doing so it meant registrations had to be manually processed, inputting the data into the FSA's system one PDF at a time. By using GOSS Case Management the FSA have been able to move this registration process to a fully digital case driven system, providing vineyard and winery owners with an improved and seamless way of registering. 

As for how the vineyard and winery registration process works, the form uses intelligent calculations to figure out how many parcels (a designated area of land within a vineyard) are registered per hectare. After completing the form there is an approval process, which includes internal checks and may go on to ask for additional information. The whole process is governed by Case Managers at the FSA, enabling them to easily track registration cases, adhere to SLAs (service level agreements), and store and manage files within one single system.

In the future, the FSA are looking to further develop the registration process by integrating their GOSS Case Management system with their existing back-office databases. By doing so it will mean that once an application has been approved data will automatically flow into the correct databases without the need to manually push the data into the relevant database.


Cardiff Forms Trinity

GOSS Forms enables enhanced service provision for Cardiff Council

Serving over 362,000 residents, Cardiff Council has recently decided to replace their incumbent forms supplier with GOSS Forms. Beforehand, the forms provision Cardiff had access to was limited by a lack of users who were able to contracted to use the system, with only one technical user able to build and maintain forms at any time. This ultimately was costly to Cardiff's internal processes and made creating forms that were part of online public services much harder and slower than required.

With GOSS Forms, Cardiff Council are now able to take full advantage of its many features, easily building forms using a non-technical drag-and-drop UI, whilst also delivering forms that are straightforward and simple for those filling them out. However, more significantly for Cardiff, it has also meant the authority can have multiple users building and publishing forms simultaneously helping to speed up the forms delivery process. Going forward, Cardiff are set to replace all their existing forms with GOSS Forms, helping to bring consistency to their overall service provision and ease-of-use for their residents.