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Service Options

Access Plus credits can be used for a variety of services to help you optimise your website.

Credits can be cashed in when it suits your requirements and project timings giving you control of your budget and digital strategy.

Service Options

Specialist expertiseCreditsDescription
Professional ServicesFrom 10 creditsOn small developments to defined specifications.
On-site Professional ServicesFrom 40 creditsOn small developments to defined specifications.
DesignFrom 10 creditsCan include idea creation, visualisations, wireframes, layout and user journeys.
TrainingFrom 15 creditsTraining designed to suit your requirements.
Technical ConsultancyFrom 45 creditsHelp and guidance as required.
Content Migration ExerciseFrom 10 creditsUpgrading clients from a variety of systems to the iCM solution and developed tools to assist in the task.
LiveChatFrom 100 per annumFacilitate direct communication between customer service staff an service consumers.


Hosting helpCreditsDescription
Hosting QueriesFrom 10 creditsHelp with setting up a server.
Major UpgradesFrom 35 credits Implementation of upgraded GOSS iCM (per server).
Minor UpgradesFrom 15 creditsApplying patches and ad-hoc deployments (per server).


Online EfficiencyCreditsDescription
Information Architecture ReviewFrom 90 creditsDoes your navigation work? Are you making the best use of your search and A to Z are there other ways to present your content. A Comprehensive review of your information architecture focused on the findability of content.
High Level Website ReviewsFrom 45 creditsWhat have you done well, what can be done better and how? A high level report comparing your site to accepted best practices.
Content ReviewFrom 90 creditsIs your content useful, credible and desirable? A review with recommendations on best practice in delivering the content your users need and want.
Interaction ReviewsFrom 45 creditsGain insight into an Interaction you provide, includes advice on form design, methods of measuring performance, and advice on the implementation of AB and multivariate testing.
Heuristic Usability TestingFrom 120 creditsIdentify issues in interface designs and the user experience before production and avoid the cost of reworks.
Information Architecture Design WorkshopsFrom 135 creditsEnsure your users are presented with content they understand in the place they expect to find it. Develop your IA, Taxonomy and vocabulary based on the expectations of your users.
Search and SEO TestingFrom 135 creditsIs your search working, does it return the results you want? Are you using the right keywords, is your content search engine as well as user friendly? We will show you where your pages work and where improvements can be made to increase findability both internally and from the major search engines.
Interface Design WorkshopsFrom 135 creditsGet the story right before you colour the pictures. Facilitate design workshops helping you take brainstorms to wireframes.
Usability TestingFrom 180 creditsReal users, real scenarios, real results. Usability tests conducted in the GOSS test suite with expert analysis of the users experience of your site.

Access Plus is an annual plan. All credits are to be used within that year and final requests for work must be placed within the last 90 days of the plan.

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