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Are you ready to make efficiency savings?


New integration tool to improve end-to-end business processes and workflow

GOSS iCMThe release of GOSS iCM sees an exciting mix of new functionality for website Administrators and Developers to help make the task of maintaining, developing and publishing multiple websites and mobile sites as straight-forward as possible.

  • New integration tool
  • API server console refinements
  • Easier content management
  • Improved accessibility
  • Even more forms enhancements

To ensure clients get the most out of GOSS iCM, we are running free webinars.

v10.0.2.0 Overview v10.0.2.0 Image gallery Integration

v10.0.2.0 admin webinar more v10.0.2.0 forms webinar more Channel Shift survey 2015 download 238

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