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The GOSS Good Intranets Guide

Five key questions that can make or break your intranet strategy

Intranet infographicIn an age where email inboxes are overloaded and emails often go unread, an intranet can provide an immediate boost to productivity, employee engagement and customer service. It can also cut operational costs considerably.

But with so many options available - and few examples publicly accessible to browse - how do you go about getting an intranet solution that delivers what you need today and has the flexibility to address future needs too?

Five Key Questions

Getting these five things right can make the difference between an intranet that delivers on its promise and one that ends up an expensive failure.

  1. Who will use the intranet, and what do they need?
  2. What features will make it a success?
  3. Which technology platform should we choose?
  4. Who will implement it?
  5. How can we ensure users embrace it from Day 1?

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