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Create instant Contact Centre efficiencies.

LiveChat enables website visitors to ask quick questions, via a simple interface, without the need for a phone call.

Agents can immediate respond from the Contact Centre. Implementing LiveChat is easy. GOSS will set-up the facility for you and supply you with a simple control to add anywhere on your site. LiveChat works with all the main browsers and on mobile devices. Access Plus credits can be used to purchase LiveChat.

LiveChat introduction from GOSS Interactive on Vimeo.

What you get as standard

  • 10 registered users (this can be expanded at any time). 
  • Customised interface with your branding.
  • Multiple queues to direct customers to specialist call handlers.
  • Administration set-up.
  • Full hosting.
  • Activity reports.

Optional extras

  • Extra users in bundles of 5.
  • Create branding to match your site  
  • Prospect Detection - Dynamically present LiveChat based on time on screen and inactivity
  • Site Monitoring - Managing LiveChat across multiple sites
  • Page Tracking - Can show pages users engaged with LiveChat from and report against
  • Real Time Tracking - Google Analytics integration
  • Auto-chat - Can automatically prompt LiveChat after a specific period of inactivity
  • CRM Integration - For example with Lagan/KANA
  • Knowledgebase Integration - Connect your knowledge base to your LiveChat
  • Routing - Have groups of contact centre operatives for different specialist areas
  • Queuing - Allow customers to be placed in a queue for answering during peak hours

Functionality includes

LiveChat customer viewFor the customer

  • Simple chat interface.
  • Option to have transcript emailed after the chat has ended.
  • Option to allow Contact Centre agents to control the customer browser to direct them to information.


For Contact Centre agents

  • New conversations hunt for an available agent.

 LiveChat hunt for responder

  • Additional agents can be invited to join in.
  • Pre-filled "stock" responses can be set up.
  • Dynamic responses can be sent out when keywords are entered by customer.
  • Option for Contact Centre agents to control the customer browser to direct them to information.

 LiveChat Contact Centre view

  • Different buttons can be displayed on the website for when Contact Centre is online or offline.
  • Customer sessions are remembered in a "history" tab.


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