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Socitm Better Connected 2015

In 2015 over 80 Local Authorities who have their websites powered by GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management) had their excellence performance recognised in the Socitm Better Connected 2015 report.

Socitm Better Connected 2015


Socitm review stated about Chichester District Council's 4 star website

This is absolutely and definitely the best website that I have reviewed to date for this survey; I rather doubt whether it can be bettered. It's so customer oriented, and totally service-focused. I love it!


Socitm review stated about North Yorkshire County Council's 4 star website

An excellent website. The depth of functionality with online transactions, and the way they are so well integrated into the service pages, makes this a top tier site. The mobile version is very strong as well - a superb modern combination.

Swansea-Council-3-star-370Swansea City and County Council 3-star
Basildon Council 3-star

Socitm review stated about Swansea City and County Council's 3 star website

This is a very customer-focused site, and it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into almost every section to anticipate the needs of the user and present relevant, meaningful links and content.


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