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Senior Management Engagement Workshop

Get leaders on board for Digital Transformation and Channel Shift

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Get leaders on board for Channel Shift

For public sector organisations, making "business as usual" more efficient is simply not an option. Dealing with future budget restrictions, in the face of rising service expectations, requires more fundamental change. And that needs commitment at the very top level.  

GOSS has helped dozens of public sector organisations to move more service delivery to lower-cost channels, enabling them to improve service while making significant savings. For many organisations, savings of at least £1 million per year are readily achievable.

However, this essential journey requires co-operation at every level and across every service, from the very top down. GOSS has long experience of bringing senior management together in a workshop setting to learn about the Channel Shift opportunity; understand the cost and service delivery implications for their own department; and lend their proactive support to Channel Shift efforts across the organisation

Key benefits

  • Highly interactive, engaging format 
  • Achieve understanding and "buy-in" 
  • Specifically for local government 
  • Up to 100 senior managers 
  • Create foundation for change 
  • Develop organisational consensus 
  • Enable trickle-down communication 
  • Tailored for your Council's needs

Introducing GOSS Senior Management Engagement Workshop

Public Sector organisations have a culture quite unlike any other kind of organisation. Understandably, almost every service head believes their service to be important and unique, and resistance to perceived interference can be a real stumbling block to change. Demonstrating the real, cost-saving opportunities offered by Channel Shift is a critical first step to gaining senior management support and buy-in. 

Using highly relevant real world examples and insights from successful local government Channel Shift cases, the GOSS Senior Management Engagement Workshop puts your own organisation's challenges into a national perspective, demonstrating the savings and opportunities that service transformation can bring.

In a single full or half-day workshop up to 100 managers can gain a clear view of Channel Shift, and go on to champion change among their own team.

Key features

Our core Senior Management Engagement Workshop service includes:

  • Local and national perspectives: Understand the context of the Council's challenges, and the progress being made in Channel Shift around the UK. 
  • Measuring the current position: Interactive, service-based SWOT analysis of the organisation's current status. 
  • Scenario setting exercise: Demonstrating the potential for change by investigating possible Channel Shift gains in actual Council scenarios.
  • Defining key goals: Sharing managers' objectives and aspirations for the Council's Channel Shift journey. 
  • Agreeing first steps: Capturing the team's ideas and enthusiasm to generate concrete next steps for the Council.
  • Persona engagement: Introduction to personas and "speed dating" with persona actors.

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