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Self-Service Platform

Self-Service Platform

Reduce costs, Increase revenue, Delight customers

Organisations need to deliver services in a digital world that's increasingly mobile-first. To speed up your journey, GOSS have developed the ultimate Self-Service Platform for delivering multi-channel customer service. This allows customers to transact with your organisation digitally on all devices, encouraging channel shift and digital take-up.

MyAccount mobileDeliver 'Amazon-Like' Services

The GOSS Self-Service Platform helps you to deliver your services on all devices as well as provide 'assisted service' to enhance your off-line channels.

It encourages and enables customers to channel shift by completing transactions digitally for a range of services including Council Tax, Benefits, Licencing, Parking, Waste, Libraries, Schools etc. freeing up staff and resources to deal with more complex cases.

The ultimate customer portal

All the forms, business process management, workflow and integrations are included, and usage data is visualised within a series of intuitive dashboards. Re-keying is removed and information accuracy is improved as the customer enters their own data and submits it directly to the back-office workflow.

Rapid savings with Self-Service

The public sector organisations expects to save over £1.42m each in the next 12 months with self-service and £8.74m each over 3 years, according to our survey of over 350 senior public sector leaders.

The delivery of digital self-service by organisations is expected to grow considerably, with two-thirds of respondents to a GOSS survey saying that 50-100% of services will be self-service in three years' time. 

Self Service features
Provide customers with a single 'personalised' place to register, request, track and update all their transactions and account information.
Allow call centre staff to assist the 9,000,000 UK customers who need help to access and complete online transactions.
Create and implement sophisticated, effective forms via a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Import and customise forms quickly.
Analyse, redesign and deliver your business processes for a digital and 'mobile-enabled' world
Out-of-the-box integration is now possible with your wider systems environment, seamlessly linking a wide variety of applications and services.
Dashboards showing real-time savings to track the success of your digital transformation. Share real-time data with staff and customers.
Expert online help - just when your customers need it
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