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A dashboard showing real-time savings to track and visualise the success of your Channel Shift initiatives.


Channel Shift cost savings quickly mount up. A dashboard showing real-time savings and the return on investment (ROI) is a great motivational tool for your staff, and a great way to demonstrate efficiency savings to taxpayers and the community.

With GOSS Self-Service Platform you can set up a custom dashboard for internal or external use, to track and visualise the success of your Channel Shift initiatives, including:

  • Measure volumes of self-service transactions by council service
  • Review volumes of transactions by channel
  • Share service requests received
  • Analyse top tasks conducted online
  • View cost savings achieved from Channel Shift
  • Browse interactive maps of reported incidents (fly-tipping, graffiti, etc.)

Dashboards are a great way to see what you've achieved so far, but also provides a wealth of data on which Channel Shift initiatives are most successful - enabling you to understand what works and apply that knowledge across the board to continuously improve service delivery.

West Berkshire Dashboard Analytics

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