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Make Sure Your Customers Don't Miss The Human Touch

In these digital days where everything the consumer needs is on demand, streamed and instantly available, companies are continually looking into ways to ensure the digital user experience for their customers meets ever growing expectations.

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While this is true for websites, social media and all other multimedia platforms in general, the arena of digital customer services is a key player in the quest for consumer satisfaction. So how do companies achieve success in this area?

With so many variables to consider from customer to customer, it's sometimes difficult to please all the people, all the time. But improving your digital self service platforms can go a long way to gaining those high satisfaction rates, resulting in your customers not needing to reach for the phone to call your staff.

Digital self-service on a tablet

Easy Access For All

As highlighted, consumers want quick access to information and answers. Not only that, they want it in one, easy to navigate, easy to understand online area. This is especially true when trying to resolve potentially emotive issues where, for example, financial implications for the customer can be large. 

Good digital self service can play a big part in calming these emotions—the faster customers can get answers, the easier, and happier, their online experience will be and that can only be a good thing for businesses. Consumers require a certain level of self service and will proactively look online to check if their needs can be met. 

If even the most basic services are not performing to the standards required or, worse still, those services are nonexistent on a consumer site, companies are putting more pressure on themselves and their frontline customer service team to pacify their customer. Indeed, bad self service for any company in the digital age is a major obstacle to overcome and could result in loss of custom and referrals.

Review And Repair 

For customer service teams all over the UK, there is an emphasis on training and call handling methods. Indeed, many new starters are often led through the rights and wrongs of how to confidently address customers to maintain a basic level of customer satisfaction. 

These methods are often reviewed and restructured in order to satisfy customer needs and to ensure continuity across the team, at least annually or even more often. As companies often see their telephone customer service team as the voice of the company, it's easy to understand why this is a perceived priority. 

Sadly, the online equivalent often goes unreviewed and continues to be unsatisfactory to the customer, leading to increases in frustrated phone calls. Why should the online self service be reviewed less frequently? Self service channels should be under constant evaluation to ensure customer expectations are fully realised.

Taking The Next Step

By investing in your own digital self service technologies, you will be giving your customers and visitors a rewarding online user experience. You'll give them the opportunity to proactively get the answers they're looking for through a quick and accessible method. 

The digital infrastructure you create could pay dividends in the long term. With a desirable user experience and a highly satisfied customer base that comes with it, you'll gain invaluable customer feedback. 

This will allow you to put more focus on any improvements needed and build an ever more satisfying user experience. At the same time, decreasing your customer service requirements and reducing your financial outlay. 

If, as predicted, digital customer service continues it upward surge, it may be that within the next decade the human touch is not be required, or certainly not required as much. Your business needs to be ready to provide this service for your customers in a way so they won't miss the human touch. 

With GOSS Interactive able to provide award winning self service digital platforms for businesses across all sectors, we can enable organisations with the right tools necessary to deliver the end to end services across any device.

Improve your customer service for increased customer satisfaction and cost savings.


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