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We understand that uptime is important, as such we offer the following Support and SLA to all our LiveChat customers:

Access to online support system            via http://support.gossinteractive.com
SLA - LiveChat availability99.9% per month
SLA - Support response timehttp://www.gossinteractive.com/article/3358/Priority-Levels-and-Resolution-Times
No. of non fault support tickets4  per year
  • Support team is available within office hours
  • Backup of LiveChat data is automatically on a daily basis
  • SLA is not applicable in the event of Force Majeure e.g. natural disaster, denial of service attacks
  • SLA compensation excludes downtime or outages resulting from agreed or scheduled maintenance

Availability SLA Compensation

Between 99.9 % and 99.0%5% of monthly charge 
Between 98.9 % and 97.5%10% of monthly charge
Below 97.4 %15% of monthly charge

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