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Java Technical Training

This technical course is aimed at developers who have experience developing websites using Java Servlets and JSP's.

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Our expert trainers will take you through a combination of theory sessions and practical exercises and will look at retrieving and displaying content as well as teaching how template functionality can be expanded through the use of action classes.  .


  • How your site architecture is laid out
  • What icm4j and GOSS iCM API are
  • How to create and review basic templates including adding a header and footer
  • How to use the icm4j tag library to retrieve content - getting the current article
  • What the CSEditor.css is used for -
  • How to create and modify classes and
  • How to work with Subsites or complete Template Exercises
  • Template creation
  • How to create an action class and handling form submissions
  • Caching - A review of what it is and how it is implemented

Useful info:

Duration: 2 days
Max delegates: 2 people
​Cost: £3300
Access Plus credit cost: 180 credits

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