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Java Room Requirements

A room equipped with a projector connected to a PC provided for the Trainer and a whiteboard. One PC per trainee with access to a web browser (to view and use iCM and your site) must be provided.


The trainee PCs should be installed and networked.

Development Web Server

  • Windows Server 2000 / 2003, Linux or Solaris
  • IIS, ColdFusion V7.0 (Windows)
  • Apache 2.0+, JRun or WebSphere (Linux or Solaris)
  • GOSS iCM 9.1 will need to be installed and licensed

Development Database Server

  • RDBMS - one of the following
  • MS SQL Server 2000 (licensed for each processor on the server - Windows Servers only)
  • Oracle8i+ or PostgreSQL

Trainer & Trainees

  • 2000Pro/win7+
  • Sun JDK (Java Development Kit) v1.4+
  • Latest Java Runtime Environment
  • Suitable J2EE Integrated Development Environment (e.g. Eclipse, Apache Maven & Web Tools Platform plugin)
  • Suitable Java Application Server / Servlet Container (e.g. Apache Tomcat v5.0+)

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