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Intranets and Subsites

Manage unlimited websites, subsites, intranets and customer portals sharing content and one CMS.

Interant and Subsites

GOSS Content Management enables you to manage unlimited websites, subsites, campaign sites, intranet and customer portals from one place, sharing content and infrastructure. Each can be quickly configured and deployed to exact requirements.

Whether you are a leading construction company like Berkeley Group with lots of housing development sites each needing a separate marketing website, or a local authority like South Tyneside Council who have a main website, a customer portal for self-service transactions, separate micro sites for tourism and theatre attractions and an intranet for ensure that employees are fully engaged, GOSS Content Management delivers all the features and flexibility to manage all your content management needs.

West Lothian - One CMS, Multiple Subsites



The GOSS Intranets solution is a set of out-of-the-box tools that integrate with GOSS Content Management to create an effective, easy-to-use and user focused intranet. You benefit from many great features, including:

  • Template-driven design for rapid deployment and easy creation of new content
  • Integration with back-end systems for the search and presentation of company information
  • Online forms to submit holiday requests and other HR activity
  • Personalisation tools to tailor pages to individual users' needs

GOSS Intranets are feature packed to get your intranet up and running quickly and increase employee engagement.

  • Address book synchronisation
  • Support for user-generated content
  • Ratings, review and feedback functionality
  • Personalised homepages
  • HR and other forms processing
  • Forums and social collaboration tools
  • Event diaries
  • Staff polls

Dumgal Intranet

The GOSS good intranets guide

Five key questions that can make or break your intranet strategy. An intranet can provide an immediate boost to productivity, employee engagement and customer service. It can also cut operational costs considerably.

Getting these five things right can make the difference between an intranet that delivers on its promise and one that ends up an expensive failure.

  1. Who will use the intranet, and what do they need?
  2. What features will make it a success?
  3. Which technology platform should we choose?
  4. Who will implement it?
  5. How can we ensure users embrace it from Day 1?

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