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GOSS utilising open source technology to deliver semantically enhanced content.

GOSS Interactive is the first UK based commercial Web Content Management vendor to sign a contract with the Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) project based in Austria. The Project, part-funded by the European Commission, seeks to provide an open source technology platform for semantically enhanced content for the global market.

Image representing GOSS utilising open source technology to deliver semantically enhanced content.

GOSS will be working to integrate the IKS software into their Web Content Management system, GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management).

The 4 year project has funding of €8.5m to get semantic web technology into the main stream and provide a defacto standard for semantic mark-up. GOSS are natural partners for such a project, having developed a leading information retrieval (IR) technology in 2005, called iSuggest. The solution utilises complex natural language algorithms to read web content and suggest related content including media, documents, other web pages and metadata. Later versions of iSuggest also learns from user interaction generating more focused results, saving time and money.

The experts at GOSS will integrate the IKS framework into GOSS iCM. This will enable other entities to be identified within article text such as people, places and organisations, and these will then be automatically marked-up with RDF tags to allow further semantic interaction.

Users are facing information overload through the web. Semantically enhanced content will reduce this by delivering more useful and focused information and discover data that will become more valuable to the user. This facilitates a richer online experience, helps drive site traffic and improves conversions.

Robert McCarthy, CEO at GOSS added, "The IKS project will build on our current expertise and help us integrate semantic technology into GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management). This will result in software with even more power to help organisations discover data and relationships in their content and enhance the web experience of their customers."

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