GOSS Launches innovative Public Sector self-service platform to accelerate Channel Shift

A new self-service portal developed by GOSS Interactive to help local authorities accelerate channel shift services will be launched at the Building Perfect Council Websites 2014 event in Birmingham.

Self-Service Platform

Designed specifically for the public sector, the  helps you to deliver your services on all devices as well as provide 'assisted service' to enhance your off-line channels.

It encourages and enables customers to channel shift by completing transactions digitally for a range of services including Council Tax, Benefits, Licencing, Parking, Waste, Libraries, Schools etc. freeing up staff and resources to deal with more complex cases.

The Self-Service Platform works on all digital devices, mobile, tablet and web, for convenient access to services 24/7/365, anonymously or with a simple sign-on for personalised requests.

Rob McCarthy, CEO at GOSS Interactive said:

"Creating effective user-centred design is the key to channel shift success and the GOSS Self-Service Platform was built with the end-user in mind. 

"Many councils across the UK have already adopted a channel shift initiative but are failing to realise its full benefits, so it's important to ensure online services are intuitive and offer a good user experience. We've developed a range of self-service solutions optimised for even the least technically-savvy - so intuitive that my Granny could use them with ease.

"By utilising the GOSS Self-Service Platform, local authorities have the opportunity to optimise and accelerate channel shift initiatives, increasing the volume of online self-service enquiries and saving substantial amounts on call handling costs." 

The GOSS Self-Service Platform includes the following tools:


Provide customers with a single 'personalised' place to register, request, track and update all their transactions and account information quickly and intuitively.

 is used by your residents, businesses, landlords and other parties to access a range of services including Council Tax, Benefits, Licencing, Parking, Waste, Libraries, Schools etc.

Assisted Service

 allows staff in call centres, walk-in centres and in the field to assist the 9,000,000 UK customers who need help today to access and complete online transactions. Assisted Service ensures all customers' experience the same consistent access to information, across all channels, in order increase accessibility and reduce costs.


A professional online forms creator, which enables the creation and implementation of sophisticated, powerful forms via a user-friendly interface. For use on any device including mobile and responsive websites, the allows forms to be linked to business process maps to manage workflow.

Business Process Management

The GOSS Self-Service Platform hosts a range of best-practice process maps for a wide variety of Public Sector processes, developed by experts to help reduce costs and increase online engagement. Bespoke process maps can also be designed and built individually using the platform's tool.


Channel shift can be accelerated and the user experience improved with a set of easy-to-use and enablers, which enables quicker integration with over 200 applications, including Capita, Civica, Kana, I-Dox, Microsoft Dynamics and Northgate. 


A dashboard showing real-time savings and the return on investment (ROI) acts as a motivational tool for public sector organisations and a means of demonstrating efficiency savings to taxpayers and the community. The GOSS Self-Service Platform includes the tools needed to display  to staff and customers.

Complete solution

Pre-built online forms, processes and integration tools are available through the platform to download for key council services including bulky waste collection, reporting a missed bin collection, requesting a copy birth certificate among many others.

The GOSS Self-Service Platform is already available to over 70 public sector organisations currently working with the leading technology company and is already under trial with Rother District Council.

Kate Bullen, Corporate Change Implementer at Rother District Council, said:

We are very impressed with the capabilities of the GOSS Self-Service Platform. It will really help the Council accelerate Channel Shift by joining together Forms, Business Processes, Integration and Analytics.

Our customers will also receive a much better experience on our website and level of service because of the new tools.

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