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GOSS iCM Overview

Improve your processes, forms and integration

GOSS iCM Overview

Improve your processes, forms and integration Webinar seriesGOSS iCM is packed with new features that will help Administrators and Developers deliver improved products, services and information via websites and mobile devices.

Administrators can make use of more GOSS Forms Expert enhancements with new Field Types and a unique tool to import a form from HTML to a GOSS iCM form. Developers can also do more with GOSS Forms Expert to further enhance customer experience. Business Analysts can use a Business Process Mapping tool (using BPMN2) to define processes that link to GOSS Forms Expert and integrations to provide and end-to-end workflow for web delivery of services such as "Bulky Waste Collections".

New Features and Functionality

Forms Improvements

HTML importForm Import from HTML

The new Import from HTML feature in GOSS iCM facilitates the conversion of an existing non-GOSS iCM form into a GOSS iCM form by parsing the existing form's source HTML.

To perform an import, first open a Public Form within the Forms Designer and click the 'Import from HTML' action. Next, use a browser to navigate to the form to be imported and use the browser's View Source option to copy its source HTML. Finally, paste the copied HTML into the Form Designer's 'Import from HTML' window and the form is converted to a GOSS form.

New Field Types

  • Address Lookup
  • Google Analytics
  • Civica/Capita Payment
  • HTTPS support for Recapture
  • Event handlers - HTML/Guidance

New Form Properties

  • Workflow Show Boarder
  • Size/Width
  • Capture/Accept

Business Process Mapping and Workflow

BMP toolBusiness Process Mapping tool

GOSS iCM includes Activiti Workflow support, providing the field types, forms, reports and development environment necessary for producing and managing workflows and their processes. Icons located in the 'GOSS iCM' folder of the Shortcut icon browser are available for use for the workflow shortcuts.

Development Environment

As part of the new Workflow functionality, GOSS have put together a Workflow Designer that can be used to produce the required workflows. The Workflow Designer is a pre-configured version of Eclipse that makes use of the Activiti plugin.

Linking BPM to forms and integration

Processes mapped in the Activiti Workflow tool can be easily uploaded to GOSS iCM to link all the forms, workflow and integrations together.

BPM Reports

Several workflow forms have been made available as new Report Types within the Management | Reports section of GOSS iCM.

  • Workflows (Summary) Provides a summary of workflow processes started and completed during a time period
  • Workflows (Active) Lists all workflow processes that have not yet been completed
  • Workflows (Completed) Lists all workflow processes that have been completed

Manager (API)

Considerable work has been undertaken in the API Server to provide a Workflow Manager (worker) that is capable of handling the various workflow requests.


  • IE11 supportInternet Explorer 11 (IE11) support
  • Default shortcut icons
  • Duplicate login detection
  • Instillation task list

How to upgrade

If you would like to become a client and take advantage of all of the above benefits above and more, please get in touch.  Get in touch here.

For existing clients:

1. If you host your live site at GOSS the upgrade is included Free of Charge. Please contact the support team to request upgrade of your hosted GOSS iCM sites.

2. If you host your own site and have an active support contract then you can upgrade yourself for free.  Request files here (login required).

There is a cost if:

  • You host your own site and require assistance with upgrading.
  • You host your own site and do not have a support contract.

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