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GOSS Forms

Self-Service Platform

Easy to use online forms are vital for creating a first-class user experience as well as reducing your service delivery costs. 

Over-complicated and poorly-functioning inefficient forms will cause site visitors to drop off and deprive you of valuable business or information, as well as increasing your service delivery costs.

Providing easy-to-use online forms can improve customer satisfaction and significantly reduce your cost of service delivery. Enabling services to be started and completed online increases take-up, reduces waste and delivers channel shift for your organisation.

GOSS offer a complete range of forms training courses that build in technical understanding. Investing in this training can help your delegates learn all of the the skills and knowledge needed, to fully utilise the forms functionality, within the GOSS Digital Platform.

Forms 1 - Introducing GOSS Forms

This course will give delegates the skills they need to create and publish forms on their GOSS Digital Platform website.

Forms 2 - Dynamic GOSS Forms

Delegates attending this course will build upon their existing GOSS Forms knowledge and learn to create rich, dynamic, flexible forms.

Forms 3 - Forms Developer

The course will equip delegates with the skills to script advanced functions that interact with the iCM API, create and understand the use of iCM EndPoints and how they can be used to deliver advanced functionality to other, less technical forms developers.

Forms 4 - Integration

Forms 4 covers techniques and technology available within the GOSS platform for integrating with external systems both from the position of pushing data into external systems and adding / updating in the GOSS Platform.