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iCM have recently launched new patch for version 6 of iCM, this can be deployed regardless of your current patch level and incorporates a number of resolved issues from the previous patches.

Notes Of Importance:

  • Please see the "Read me file for the patch" to see what issues are addressed.
  • You will need to contact GOSS support team in order to gain password to unzip the files.
  • When you have downloaded the relevant zip file you will need to copy the files across to apply the patch. Prior to copying the files it is vital that you perform a backup.
  • Once you have applied this patch, please inform GOSS by clicking on the Send feedback to GOSS when you log in to your iCM, this will enable you to complete a client feedback form and inform us that the application has been successful.

Downloaded files:

Registered users, please log in to find below a list of files you can download to facilitate iCM. Viewing of these files will be restricted if you do not have a support contract with GOSS. If you are interested in upgrading to the latest patch then please contact our sales team, who will provide a range of options for discussion.

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