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Forms Skill Assessment

The following exercises are designed to help assess your skill level when using the iCM Form Builder and help identify the course to suit your individual training needs.

Self-Service Platform

Complete each of the following exercises exercise by creating a Form. Please send an export of each Form to the GOSS Training Department using the Form at the bottom of this page. Remember to give your Forms a meaningful name!

If you're having trouble completing the exercise, we would suggest you go on our GOSS iCM Forms Level 1 course.

Exercise One - Form Submission

Create a Form that will send an email to training@gossinteractive.com and also send a copy to the person who completed the Form. Set the Form to save to the iCM database. Create your own "Thank You" message which will display once the Form has been submitted.

Exercise Two - Basic Validation

Create a Form that has the following input fields. Each field should only accept text in the designated format:

  1. An email address
  2. A valid UK postcode
  3. Any number between 1 and 9

Create two more fields on the Form. Only allow the Form to submit if the text in those fields matches. Have the Form send an email to training@gossinteractive.com

Exercise Three - Multipage Forms

Create a Form with four pages. Create some options on page one which will direct users to either page two or page three. Pages two and three should both lead to page four which has a submit button on it.  The submit button should send the form to training@gossinteractive.com

Exercise Four - Dynamic fields

Create a single page Form. Create a radio group with the options of "Yes" and "No". When "Yes" is selected a text box should appear. When "No" is selected the text box should disappear. Changing from "Yes" back "No" should also clear the text entered in that box. Add a submit button to the Form and have it sent to training@gossinteractive.com

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