First Example of Free Forms Sharing via the GOSS Self-Service Platform Community

It is easy to share forms via the GOSS Self-Service Platform Community. This example by West Berkshire Council could save each local authority £13,000 annually on one service.

West Berkshire replacement bin

The online form, which could help each council make efficiency savings of over £13,000 a year on just one service, is available for local authorities to download and use for free. West Berkshire Council has shared its form for ordering replacement bins through the GOSS Forms & Process Community for other councils to use and modify via GitHub.

The 'Request a Replacement Bin or Recycling Box' form, which allows residents to request a new recycling box, garden/food waste bin, rubbish bin or kitchen food caddy online, can now be downloaded by other councils to use or modify for their own websites. 

West Berkshire form for replacement bin screenshot

Between 1 July and 1 August 2014, 427 people used the online form on West Berkshire Council's website to order a replacement bin or recycling box costing the Council £64. If the form were not available online and those 427 people had instead phoned the council to ask for a replacement bin, it would have cost £1,208 (based on Socitm's benchmark call-centre cost of £2.83/call). Over a year, West Berkshire Council could save around £13,728 with this service online. 

Rother District Council has already downloaded, modified and published the form on its own website, saving a significant amount of time compared with creating a completely new form from scratch. 

Toby Field, Web Development Officer at Rother District Council, said: 

Having just changed our waste contract, we knew that some residents would be looking to order new containers online so we wanted a new equipment form to meet their requirements. It takes time to create a good form so it was nice to find another council using GOSS iCM forms that had already created one that suited our needs. 

The benefit of using an exported form is that you can import the form including any validation code and this saves time. We downloaded West Berkshire's form to request a replacement bin, made some modifications and uploaded it to our own site within minutes.

It's easy for councils to share and download online forms through the GOSS Forms & Process Community and we would encourage others to get involved to save time."

The GOSS Self-Service Platform Community was set up in support of the  to help councils realise Channel Shift initiatives through shared projects. Local authorities can upload their own forms, tools and business process maps, browse other peoples' contributions, discuss best practice, enjoy free workshops and download resources that work for them.

If you're interested in accelerating Channel Shift through shared projects with other councils, you can request to join the GOSS Forms and Process Community LinkedIn Group.

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