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Engaging intranet bring business benefits to East Renfrewshire Council staff

Powerful new features have been designed and built into a new intranet by East Renfrewshire Council with support from GOSS Interactive.

Image representing Engaging intranet bring business benefits to East Renfrewshire Council staff

These new developments have improved internal communication and information flow enabling the council to operate more successful business practices.

The Web Development Team used their skills to work with GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management). GOSS iCM is software used to build and maintain large and business critical websites and intranets. Being able to develop their own intranet made considerable efficiency savings for East Renfrewshire Council.

John Paul McKay, Project Manager (IT Systems), at East Renfrewshire Council continues,

"We completely redesigned the intranet from scratch and reviewed all areas of functionality and content.  This redesign was made easier by the flexibility of the .NET templates provided by GOSS and also by some of the features that came out-of-the-box as standard."

"The flexibility and ease of use of GOSS iCM allows users to concentrate on content and frees up IT staff to concentrate on technically supporting and developing the site. The Development Team were able to work well with the GOSS technical experts, meaning we were able to carry out a lot of development ourselves. This allowed us to provide a challenging list of functionality within the project budget and time frame."

Maintaining a consistent high standard of information flow was also addressed. Dramatic improvements were made to search, personalised content, and internal information provision while Seamless Single Sign On (SSSO) makes it easier to devolve appropriate permissions and workflows. SSSO allowed East Renfrewshire to add some smart features such as pre-filling fields with user details within online forms and provides the potential to further customise what is presented to each individual user or group of user.

McKay adds, "The search facility is more effective and this helps end users to quickly find what they need far easier than they previously were able to."

"Our new contacts directory has proved a very popular area of the site; this has been integrated into our Corporate HR system to display various pieces of contact information for all staff, accessible via a search or browse facility. The directory has also been integrated into GOSS iCM to allow users to upload photos and biographies for display along with their contact details."

"It is now easy for publishers to add front page articles and news stories; while each individual department has their own equivalent front page, from where articles and news stories can seamlessly be promoted onto the overall site homepage as and when required. We are consuming a number of RSS feeds and have encouraged user participation by providing the facility to dynamically submit suggestions for news stories, events and FAQs."

"We have now kicked off a project to redevelop our Corporate Internet in GOSS iCM and are also investigating the possibility of moving our Education Intranet onto the platform."

Rob McCarthy, CEO, GOSS Interactive adds,

"The Development Team have been able to make significant savings for East Renfrewshire Council by undertaking much of the development work using their existing .NET skills in combination with GOSS iCM and the out-of-the-box templates supplied. A feature rich, fully functional intranet is vitally important to internal business efficiency, and East Renfrewshire's staff are already seeing the benefits of their investment."

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