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GOSS Content Management delivers powerful, extensible and responsive forms capabilities. Intelligent electronic forms are the heart of most customer interactions, from simple requests for information to complex multi-part benefits applications forms that are fully integrated with back office systems, GOSS Content Management is the ideal solution for your online forms requirements.

The drag-and-drop interface lets you create and implement sophisticated, effective forms via an intuitive interface. Customise your forms for best results, with text boxes, pick lists, radio buttons and check boxes. You also get fine control over layout, functionality and branding for a consistent look and feel.

Most importantly, you can organise and process the data entered by users to assist in online applications or service enquiries. GOSS Content Management enables easy creation of complex forms that can be quickly published to the web, and the collection, analysis and secure sharing of the data that is submitted.

With GOSS Content Management you can uniquely copy forms from other websites and have them up and running on any size device, within seconds, significantly reducing the time and complexity associated with delivering online forms.


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