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As the UK's Public Sector Digital Transformation and Channel Shift specialists, GOSS has developed our unique 'Six Steps to Channel Shift' methodology. Using this methodology GOSS has already helped numerous Public Sector organisations improve and accelerate Digital Transformation and Channel Shift initiatives for maximum efficiency gains, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Senior Management Engagement Workshop DELIVERING EXPERTISE AND SUPPORT

GOSS is a leading partner for organisations wishing to deliver significant improvements in customer focused service delivery whilst achieving significant cost savings, through delivering transformational and channel shift programmes. Having worked with over 90 organisations, GOSS is ideally placed to provide the expertise and support to any organisation starting on this journey.


Customer Journey Mapping OUR 6 STEP STRATEGY TO SUCCESS

Behind our success is our unique six steps methodology, which enables organisations to follow a tried and tested approach to improved service delivery to customers and achieving efficiency savings. 

Behind each step is a suite of activity designed to achieve the programme and project goals. Whilst this can be approached as a single programme methodology, it is also structured in such a way that each step can be delivered as a standalone project to support any programmes that may be already underway. The steps naturally interact and overlap.

Within each step we have identified the activity that is required; this may be a workshop, producing documents or other activity. We then show you what we can do to help you to deliver this and any supporting documents that we are happy to provide to start you on your journey. Finally, we have identified the benefits from undertaking the activity so that you know what outcome that you should expect from the activity.

6 Steps for Digital Transformation

Image representing Step 1 | Engagement & Transformation
Step 1 | Engagement & Transformation

Engaging right across the organisation to achieve channel shift and transform the organisation

Image representing Step 2 | Customer Insight
Step 2 | Customer Insight

Putting the customer at the centre of your thinking and every plan or outcome is built around this ambition

Image representing Step 3 | Channel Insight
Step 3 | Channel Insight

Gaining an in-depth understanding of the way that channels are currently used for each service

Image representing Step 4 | Channel Access Strategy
Step 4 | Channel Access Strategy

Ensuring that services are easily accessible, simple to use, streamlined, convenient, cost effective and robust

Image representing Step 5 | Channel Improvements
Step 5 | Channel Improvements

Implementing the action plan for each channel using the GOSS user centred design (UCD) process

Image representing Step 6 | Process Improvements
Step 6 | Process Improvements

Transforming services to ensure their processes are completely customer focused and digitally enabled


Image representing Shared vision for all stakeholders
Shared vision for all stakeholders

Ensuring fully engaged stakeholders with a unified vision of your Digital Transformation programme

Image representing Understand your customers to improve service delivery
Understand your customers to improve service delivery

By understanding your customer demographics and their interactions you can design services that meet their needs

Image representing Channels designed to meet customers needs
Channels designed to meet customers needs

Your digital channels will be designed with the needs of your customers at the forefront

Image representing Achieve your savings targets
Achieve your savings targets

Improved services to your customers at times and by channels of their preference resulting in achievement of required savings.

What our customers say about us

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence


North Devon It's crucial to point out that this strategy was not about delivering a shiny new website. It was about aligning service delivery to the needs of their customers and cutting out unnecessary internal processes and bureaucracy. It also included reviewing back office processes to make sure nothing is holding up or hindering efficient service delivery.  GOSS really helped open our eyes to the possibilities and provided excellent facilitation to deliver the strategy in an engaging way.

Clair Holm, Customer and Corporate Communications Manager, North Devon Council

West Lothian GOSS understands the business and has a huge wealth of experience working with other local authorities. They bring this experience to the table. 

Karen Cawte, Customer Services Development Manager, West Lothian Council

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