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GOSS Data Process Mapping

Are you lost in the epic task of getting your organisational processes GDPR ready?



Take control of your organisation's data and processes with GOSS Data Process Mapping consultancy. This highly successful onsite process-improvements consultancy has been developed to meet the needs of any organisation wishing to demonstrate GDPR compliance, allowing you to create the plans necessary to control your data. GOSS Data Process Mapping consultancy will empower your organisation to understand your data collection processes, enabling you to clearly identify what data you are collecting and where that data is stored. Furthermore, this consultancy determines what individuals and roles have access to the data, and includes the lawful basis for collecting it.


Using our data process modeller to support the collection of this information, we are able to provide your organisation with a detailed report. This report will provide you with the transparency needed to clearly understand your data processes, where data is stored, who has access to it, and will enable you to begin making plans to control future collection of data. Through this consultancy, your organisation will be able to understand if it is compliant with the requirements of GDPR, and if not, where the issues are that need resolving. Failing to show GDPR compliance could result in the risk of fines of up to 2% of your organisation's annual global turnover or €10 million (whichever is greater) as a result of breaching GDPR.


GOSS Data Process Mapping consultancy offers more than GDPR compliance. Once we have mapped your data process, the data can be used to provide you with intelligence about your service delivery, which can then be used to redesign or improve your approach. From the mapped process, we can run analytics, produce reports, compare current and proposed processes, develop training guides and so much more.


Outcomes from this Consultancy:

  • Scoping conversation with key stakeholders to identify and agree on the data processes that are required to be mapped.
  • Delivery of an onsite workshop, through which we will identify and record where your organisation collects personal data, what data is collected, who has access and where the data is stored and processed.
  • From this we produce a detailed report of your process. The report will highlight exactly where your organisation collects personal data, the legal basis for collecting it, who has access and where it is stored.

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