Conducting a website review and implementing results for increased customer engagement and conversions

or less is more

This whitepaper outlines the steps needed to conduct a website review and implement the outcomes for success.

Website review Ensuring that your organisation's website is providing the right information and services to customers is key. But just having the information on a website is not the end of it. Customers need to find the information and complete their task. Delivering services online is far more cost effectively for the organisation than through offline channels, so it is worth investing significant time and resources to achieve a successful outcome. This whitepaper lays out the steps to take when conducting a website review and includes:

  1. Web content audit (Excel template included)
  2. Understanding your top tasks
  3. Organising your website structure
  4. Defining user journeys
  5. The user experience and design
  6. Launch and promotion
  7. User testing

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