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Channel Shift Whitepaper

How to Make Sure Your Channel Shift Strategy Delivers Savings and Customer Engagement

​With 27% cuts to local government, central government, NHS, housing associations, charities, police funding in 2012-2014 and a further 10% tabled for 2015-2016, Public Sector organisations urgently need to find new ways to operate: not just by making current processes more efficient - that has already been pushed to the limit - but by radically rethinking how things are done.

This whitepaper looks at how local authorities and other public sector organisations can re-engineer processes for an increasingly connected world, and in doing so, move a far greater proportion of service delivery to lower-cost, digital channels. It provides concrete examples of the kinds of savings that are possible, and outlines six steps that local government organisations can take to ensure that channel shift strategies continue to deliver savings as technology use changes.

Channel Shift Savings


This must read whitepaper contains the key information for organisations looking to engage with customers on their website, increase channel shift: and see a significant return on investment. The ebook includes:

  • Changing Technology Usage
  • Channel Shift is not a journey
  • Six Step Channel Shift Process
  • Case Studies
  • Service Example Parking
  • Service Example Register
  • Service Example Rubbish and Recycling
  • Service Example Planning

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