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Business Process and Workflow

Image representing Business Process and Workflow

In all organisations it's common for even the simplest process to get convoluted over time. To be successful with your Channel Shift Strategy, you need to re-examine your organisational processes and re-design them for a digital-first (and increasingly mobile-first) age.

By creating simple and functional processes, using industry-standard tools, you can quickly improve customer satisfaction and significantly reduce the cost of your service delivery. Enabling services to be started and completed online will increase user take-up, reduce organisational waste and deliver a successful Channel Shift Strategy for your organisation.

Introduction to Business Process Mapping
This course equips delegates with the skills and knowledge to conduct process reviews and to identify improvements and savings for your organisation. We offer two training courses, with the option to add a process review to embed the skills with participating in a process review: 1. Introduction to BPM and 2. BPM and Engage process modeller
Workflow Level 1 - Creating Workflow Processes
The GOSS Workflow 1 course provides delegates with the skills they need to create GOSS Workflow Process diagrams and link them to GOSS iCM Forms.
Workflow Level 2 - Integrations
Delegates attending the Workflow 2 training course will build upon their existing knowledge of workflow processes and develop the skills needed to implement more advanced functionality.
Workflow Level 3 - Integrating Processes
Delegates attending the Workflow 3 training course will build upon Workflow 2 and Forms 4 to look at how integration into back office systems can be implemented and controlled from within Processes.

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