Social media for digital marketing - Manage Risks

In this fifth part of using social media for digital marketing, I will look at managing risks.

In the last post I looked at how to Understand Sustainability including the effort required to maintain a successful social media strategy.

This was set in the context of five key elements to consider:

Manage Risks

Manage RisksBe aware of the risks and challenges you will face:

  • You cannot control the conversations but with solid policies you should be able to steer or shape them.
  • This is a new medium and the rules are changing fast. They're not written down anywhere.
  • Always listen and learn before you jump in.
  • The law is struggling to keep up, so tread carefully

A metaphor used in  "The new rules of marketing and PR" (Scott, 2010) where the internet is the city, ecommerce is the main high street, eBay the garage sale, Amazon the bookstore, etc. The social media example would be the bars, clubs and cocktail parties. Twitter being the interlude where the girls go to the ladies room to talk about guys and the guys discuss the girls why they wait.  This is a good attempt, one thing to remember though, at a bar, party or interlude you cannot normally get a transcript of every conversation that took place. You cannot then use powerful search systems to find and listen in on any conversations that interests you. So unless you're happy to have your tweet attributed to you and published in a newspaper maybe you should not send it.

What to do next? Win a website review.

As mentioned there are some risks but these are vastly outweighed by the rewards possible. There is no reason why any organisation shouldn't have a strategy in place. Start planning your strategy and setting your objectives and if you need help there are lots of organisations like GOSS Interactive that will help you along the path.

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