Social media for digital marketing - Encourage Interaction

In this second part of using social media for digital marketing, I will look at encouraging interaction.

In the last post I looked at how to increasing awareness by understanding your communities, amplifying your message and measuring progress.

This was set in the context of five key elements to consider:

Encourage Interaction

Encourage InteractionAwareness leads almost immediately to interaction; the internet is no longer a read only medium. Planning for and embracing the virtual conversations that follow is essential.  Again making it as simple as possible for interaction will help you ensure conversations will happen and possibly where they will happen. However, even providing them with the best tools in the world to allow them to interact in your designated community will not stop people taking your campaign and interacting with it in their own communities. These communities could be well away from where you expect. Anticipating this and being able to cope with it, is where social media monitoring tools come in and maybe the only way in which you can see the scope of the conversation you may start.

Social media monitoring planned in at an early stage is vital as it will allow you to generate meaning beyond the metrics. The information collected from metrics at the awareness stage will tell you what's happening; the interactions will often tell you why they are happening. Encouraging these interactions will allow you to see how your social media strategy is going and allows you to refine it in real time.

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