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Additional Training support


Access to the retained training plan, a dedicated channel between 0800 and 1800 to contact the GOSS Support desk for "How do I?" queries

Training Allocation

Monthly Fee

· Minimum 6 month contract

· Unused credits may be transfer to the next month - limited to a one month rollover.

· GOSS will provide advice and guidance as part of this service however cannot guarantee being able to troubleshoot, resolve or fix any issue.

· In the event that a request cannot be answered or resolved by a GOSS Support Technician, any time logged will still be deducted from the client monthly balance.

· This service only covers advice and guidance from a GOSS Support Technician. If a request requires a GOSS developer, time will be stopped and a quote raised for the work with appropriate lead times provided.

2 Hours a Month


4 Hours a Month


6 Hours a Month


10 Hours a Month


15 Hours a Month



Types of Request



Help and Guidance:

Service Requests for advice and guidance rather than a fix to an issue


Request to change display or functionality


User Setup

Website Usability

Customisation Requests

Front-end Website Issues

Template Support

Application Issues

Content and Forms


Managing Content of iCM Forms


CSS, HTML, Javascript using Inlines


Existing Integrations


Support with Regex and Validation


Workflows (BPMN)



Service Levels

    Service Request Type   

Response From

Maximum Response Time

Request Fulfillment Time Goal


Phone answered by qualified individual and details recorded

24 Hours

3 Working Days


Ticket assigned to appropriate support agent

24 Hours

5 Working Days*

* - Request fulfilment time is subject to co-operation with any requests for additional information/guidance from a GOSS Support Technician