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Assisted Service

Image representing Assisted Service

GOSS Assisted Service allows staff in call centres, walk-in centres and in the field to assist the 9,000,000 UK customers who need help today to access and complete online transactions. Assisted Service ensures all customers experience the same consistent access to information, across all channels, in order to increase accessibility and reduce costs.

Help customers to complete online services

Assisted Service 2Staff can quickly and easily complete forms, check status updates and accept payments on behalf of customers, using the same great functionality of self-service customers. Assisted Service enables organisations to achieve 100% service delivery for all their customers, through a single platform, without the additional need for costly CRM integrations.

Used in conjunction with the GOSS Self-Service Platform, agents can drive service requests with the help of scripted workflow, designed to maximise productivity and deliver excellent customer service. GOSS Assisted Service empowers agents to handle simple or complex transactions at first point of contact, a great way to drive Channel Shift and fast track clients to self-service.

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