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Celebrating women at GOSS

Here at GOSS we value each member of our team no matter their age, gender or background. And we always ensure that this is resonated across the business.

A photo of the women at GOSS

We are lucky to be working within a unique company whereby we are praised for our individuality, celebrated for our culture and actively encouraged to take on challenges and risks. We have a small collective of amazing women working within our company and we are always actively seeking fresh new faces to join us.


Here are some of our amazing women and their thoughts:

"Having worked in male dominated industries for all of my working life, which is more years than I'd like to mention! Working at GOSS has a completely different feeling and women are treated as equals"

"I have worked in the IT industry since graduating and it has been a male dominated environment for a long time. Since joining GOSS four years ago I have seen this change and we have many great women in a variety of roles including senior management."

"I feel like the company really value each member of the team and ensure everyone is treated equally. We are like a big family and it is such a great place to work"

This year International women's day is themed around - Generation Equality: Realising Women's rights. In recent years this is becoming more of a forefront in society to push this movement and bring on the change needed around the globe to ensure all women are treated equally and fairly. This is progressive and will still take time but so much progress has been made within the last century.

To read more about the work being done you can check out the following sites: