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GOSS Transform: Delivery

Delivery is the design and development of the transformed service. This pillar draws on the activity from the other pillars and uses this to inform the design of the new services.

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GOSS Transform: DeliveryDeveloping a robust baseline will enable progress to be tracked and the impact of the transformation to be understood. Analysis of current demand leads shows where there is failure demand and waste in the process.

The goals for each customer channel will be defined in the transformation strategy, along with an action plan for each channel.  Each channel is reviewed and implemented using the GOSS user centred design (UCD) process, ensuring every channel is designed around the needs of the customer. To maximise the benefits of these channels, all services should be redesigned ensuring their processes are completely customer focused.

Service design/redesign ensures the toolkit for transformation of the organisation is in place. Without undertaking this phase, the improvement in both customer service levels and required efficiency savings will never be achieved. The service review, process map and analytics are used to inform the development of the financial business case.

GOSS Transform: Delivery includes:

  • Baseline capture

  • Information architecture development

  • Usability testing

  • Service design/redesign

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We pride ourselves on delivering excellence
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GOSS Engage Process Modeller
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The process modeller can be used in a workshop in the same way as sticky notes. It's highly intuitive and so simple to add in steps if needed.
It couldn't be easier to share the process with colleagues and stakeholders.
With 7 different options, there is a modeller to suit every organisation and budget
The Engage Process solutions are hosted by Microsoft Azure in Europe. This is one of the most stable and secure hosting environments in the market.
Whilst it is simple to use the mapping functionality, the real benefit that can be achieved is in the level of detail captured and the analysis. The GOSS trainer has been accredited by Engage Process as a Certified Trainer.
Support is available to GOSS Engage users in a number of ways.

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