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GOSS Transform: Culture

Culture change is essential to any transformation project, without this happening the true benefits of the transformation are unlikely to be achieved and will certainly not be sustained.

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GOSS Transform: CultureCulture change starts at the beginning of any transformation project, stakeholders need to be engaged to ensure that they understand the goals, benefits and the likely impact on them and their sphere of influence. An effective stakeholder communications strategy is essential to maintaining this engagement.  

Development of a transformation strategy enables the organisation to focus and direct its efforts. The strategy should define the organisation-wide approach to service delivery, ensuring that services are accessible, simple to use, streamlined and cost effective. The strategy should be developed from an understanding of the organisation's customers, current delivery approach and currently available technology, enhanced with customer research, expert knowledge of best practice and service design techniques.

Training and skills transfer are essential to ensure that the organisation is consistent in its approach to customers and delivery. When designing any service or process regard needs to be taken of the digital service standards, these provide a robust framework for the development and design of digital services.

GOSS Transform: Culture includes:

  • Project scoping

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Transformation strategy

  • Business case

  • Training - BPM

  • Training - Engage

  • Skills transfer

  • Digital standards

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We pride ourselves on delivering excellence
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Transforming from a customer perspective
Design services for digital delivery
GOSS Engage Process Modeller
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The process modeller can be used in a workshop in the same way as sticky notes. It's highly intuitive and so simple to add in steps if needed.
It couldn't be easier to share the process with colleagues and stakeholders.
With 7 different options, there is a modeller to suit every organisation and budget
The Engage Process solutions are hosted by Microsoft Azure in Europe. This is one of the most stable and secure hosting environments in the market.
Whilst it is simple to use the mapping functionality, the real benefit that can be achieved is in the level of detail captured and the analysis. The GOSS trainer has been accredited by Engage Process as a Certified Trainer.
Support is available to GOSS Engage users in a number of ways.

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