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Functional digital skills

Community Digital Engagement courses by GOSS, for your customers


More and more councils and other public services are moving online - for the 'digital generation' that makes sense. And for your council, hospital or police service too, as it saves them money and speeds up their processes.

For those of us who haven't grown up with technology, or are on lower incomes and can't afford to invest in the latest kit, a move onto the online world can be confusing and lead to fear of being scammed, getting viruses, or just making an expensive mistake by buying the wrong thing.

GOSS supply the Digital platform being used by [your council/organisation] and have joined with them to bring you this straightforward Digital skills course.  You can either bring your tablet, laptop or phone, or use one of our, or [organisation's] computers and we'll show you how to:

  • Switch on the device and sign in
  • Get onto the internet
  • Find the website you want by either searching or via the direct address
  • Set up a free email account if you don't already have one
  • Set up a free user account on your council website
  • See how to apply for services using the council website and track your applications using GOSS 'My Account'
  • (Optional bespoke section) Showcase a specific process of the council/organisation's choice to assist them in achieving their operational objectives   


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