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Hackney. Sharing the love.

We have been busy little bees here at GOSS. Before Christmas we were all excited to be undertaking the preliminary research and kick off meetings for the all new Love Hackney destination website.

Love hackney blog image

Since then nothing has stopped, our talented core delivery team has been hard at work making sure everything fits into place and slots nicely into project timelines and make sure that all the deliverables across all disciplines are on track.

Love Hackney blog image 2

Here in GOSS Creative, we have been working on the structure of the site and developing wireframes to look at the functional side of the design options we've been considering and how each function will react when fully responsive across devices. We are hard at work designing page layouts that ensure this website is stunning yet functional, user friendly from mouse click to touch, practical and packed full of useful features to help visitors plan their visit and, more importantly, help Love Hackney to promote their places, products and events.

Love Hackney blog image 3

The site's creative skins are well under way too, enhancing the carefully considered functionality with strong image led layouts and great features to keep the content on brand, up-to-date and inspiring. Our design team strive to create, shape and teach users how to interact with site, communicate status, changes, or draw attention to certain areas. We're adding delightful features like an intuitive super nav, 'love' planner function to add your favourite articles, events and businesses to plan your visit, advanced events search and an option to list your own event. Every design consideration will strengthen Love Hackney brand and overall meet expectations of the user whatever they want to achieve.

Love Hackney blog image4

All this will sit on top of the powerful GOSS iCM Digital Platform, allowing the Love Hackney team to design their own processes and online forms as well as taking full control of their own content.

So, as our team move forward towards alpha release for further testing, have a look at these visual snippets of this exciting project, and if you like what you see give us a call and see if we can help you achieve your digital goals.

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