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Love Hackney. The beginning of something special? We think so.

We're all excited here at GOSS as we are lucky enough to have won the contract to create the all new Destination Hackney website. Our exciting challenge is to capture the essence of the borough and make every inch of it accessible, inspirational, fresh, social and cutting edge.


Love Hackney Screen image

The new Destination Hackney website will be renamed 'Love Hackney'. This has been changed to reflect Hackney's civil pride, it's diverse culture, incredible sights, smells, people, music, bars, cinemas and theatres. The list is endless.

So where did we start. After working through and digesting the brief and specification documents, we visited the 'Love Hackney' team to host a one-day design and wireframe workshop. We spent a day talking through what elements of the area capture the essence of Hackney, what makes it special, what it really has to offer visitors and how the community would benefit from a good website driving people to their businesses and events.

Love Hackney card sorting

After doing a thorough competitor analysis and dissecting other destination websites worldwide we set about a card sorting exercise to hone down the base for the Information Architecture for the new site. We scribbled our way through several packs of good old post it notes to develop a purposeful top level navigation and the lower levels, drilling town to each area of the site. This in turn led to sketching wireframe layouts of the core pages which helped everyone come to agreement on roughly what goes where, what sections have prominence over others and which were events, banners, advertising, articles, social elements and business listings.

Love Hackney Wireframe sketches

By the end of the day the GOSS design team had enough information gathered to get back and work up wireframes for two favoured directions that emerged from the session. 

We'll be sharing some creative love very soon when we develop the look and feel of the site and apply them to the wireframes.

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