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For your customers


The market leading GOSS Self-Service Platform delivers digital services and exceptional customer experience. This highly innovative Self-Service Platform enables organisations to deliver complete suite of public sector services to meet the needs of all their citizens. From reporting a missed bin collection and ordering tip permits, to paying for council tax and applying for housing benefits to taxi and business licensing, paying parking fines and delivering child & adult social care services, the GOSS Self-Service platform has been uniquely designed to accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs and increase customer service.


Assisted Service 2Citizens expect to access services quickly, easily, on any device and at a time convenient to them. The GOSS Self-Service Platform has been uniquely designed to positively impact the experience and engagement of citizen. Including access to services outside of office hours, ease of finding information, access to service on the move, faster completion of transactions, the ability of to view all transaction history, keeping customers informed throughout the process, and customers only have provide information once. 

The GOSS Self-Service Platform delivers a fully comprehensive suite of Local Authority services with all the forms, business processes, integration and reporting that enables customers to engage with the council and receive feedback and status updates automatically, end-to-end, from request initiation to service fulfillment. 

  • Access service 24/7/365 on any device
  • Easier to find information
  • Access to services on the move
  • Faster to complete transactions and access services
  • Online view of all transaction history and status reports
  • Only provide information once
  • Access to 'assisted service' if needed
  • Less errors and frustration


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