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The market leading GOSS Self-Service Platform delivers digital services and exceptional customer experience. This highly innovative Self-Service Platform enables organisations to deliver complete suite of public sector services to meet the needs of all their citizens. From reporting a missed bin collection and ordering tip permits, to paying for council tax and applying for housing benefits to taxi and business licensing, paying parking fines and delivering child & adult social care services, the GOSS Self-Service platform has been uniquely designed to accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs and increase customer service.


Self-Service Platform on MobileThe GOSS Self-Service platform has been uniquely designed for organisations to reduce avoidable contact, forecast service demand, increased revenue collection, whilst reducing service costs. The Self-Service Platform not only enables your organisation to automate customer transactions for those customers that can access digital channels, but also delivers 'assisted service' to improve accessibility and digital inclusion. The GOSS self-service platform delivers intelligent online forms, business process automate, integrates with back office systems through open API's and also provides dashboards and customer insight to ensure that your organisation can reduce costs and increase customer service.

With integration at the core of the GOSS Self-Service Platform, customers have a consistent user experience 365/24/7 that enables them to do more online and accelerates channel shift savings. Validating customer identities, displaying their account details and driving process automation delivers significant improvements to how customer contacts are handled and improves customer satisfaction.

The GOSS Self-Service Platform delivers clear reports and dashboards for benchmarking and measuring ROI. By providing a clear picture of all customer journeys from initial service request to issue fulfillment, service peaks and bottle-necks are highlighted and can be addressed to help further enhance service delivery and customer experience.

  • Reduce avoidable contact and failure demand
  • Improve accessibility and customer insight
  • Validate customer identities
  • Drive error-free business automation
  • Reduce costs and increase revenue collection
  • Highlight service peaks and bottle-necks
  • Deliver clear reports and dashboards
  • Enhance service delivery and customer experience


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