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FPP Integration (no labels)GOSS Content Management comes complete with integration enablers for over 200 systems

GOSS Content Management enables you to make your website a service delivery hub with out-of-the-box integration with your wider systems environment, seamlessly linking a wide variety of applications and services both inside and outside your organisation, ensuring your web channels are service-rich and ready to deliver digital self-service

Not only does GOSS Content Management enables integration with a an extensive range of media such as video, slides, social media and analytics, it also provides out-of-the-box integration facilities with a wide range of back-office systems and customer-facing applications (e.g. Oracle, Sap, Lagan, Microsoft Dynamics, Capita and Civica)

GOSS Content Management ensures you can deliver a web experience that provides easy, convenient online service for your customers, and ensures you realise the full, long-term benefits of Channel Shift.

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