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Business Process Mapping

Image representing Business Process Mapping

This course will equip delegates with the skills necessary to conduct BPI/BPR reviews within their own organisations explains the GOSS methodology and approach based on industry best practice. We will provide tips and techniques to avoid the pitfalls based on lessons learned from extensive work with clients across all industries. This methodology will provide you with a sound basis for identification of cashable and non-cashable benefits and to ensure your projects have the best chance of success.

GOSS has a proven and winning channel shift strategy that ensures all of an organisations customer channels (including the website) are focused on the needs of the customer (citizen). The GOSS approach to channel shift has been developed and refined based on our experience with many client projects to realise savings of over £1 million by shifting to the most appropriate and efficient channel. 

At all times throughout the project lifecycle, GOSS use the very simple but effective 4 step approach to goal setting and action planning, with the following steps:

  • Knowing where you want to go;
  • Understanding where you are now;
  • Defining what you have to do to accomplish your goals; and
  • Achieving them!

The updated GOSS approach to Channel Shift Success is based on the following diagram; where the customer is placed at the top of the organisation's belief system to ensure all ambitions, plans and actions for the organisation are geared towards them.

RESOLVE BPR process Critical to the success of achieving channel shift is the process improvements step. Once all the channels have been deployed, the "toolkit" for the transformation of the organisation is in place. To maximise the benefits of these channels, each and every service should be reviewed, redesigned and transformed to ensure their processes are completely customer focused. Without undertaking this phase, the improvement in both customer service levels and required efficiency savings will never be achieved.


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